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Honor and integrity of people, constitution, and hardship, has provided the foundation with which FNCT has built the leading company and construction management organization.  Throughout our history, we have been committed to providing our clients with best quality, customer service and safety management.  Commitment to our clients has transformed our firm to a leading national construction company performing complex work from coast to coast.

Honesty & Integrity
We have founded the values of honesty and integrity. FNCT is consistently allied with the high standards of service, quality, personal attention to clients, and integrity.


Cooperation and Teamwork                                              
Our most important asset is people. FNCT provides support, motivation and opportunity to help our people accomplish their objectives and potentials. Mutual teamwork and cooperation provides the foundation for our achievement.


Dedication and Loyalty                                                
FNCT are hands-on in finding solutions and approaches for our clients to that best accomplish and achieve their objectives. Personal attention and dedication are given to our clients to establish a mutual and good working relationship which will really help in attaining both goals.

Safety Measures
FNCT is dedicated to the safety and security of all its staffs/employee and most especially labourers who are most exposed in the projects sites. In order to make our projects sites accident free, we exerted a lot of effort to make their working conditions and situations as free as possible of the hazards and danger which possibly exist mainly in the construction industry. FNCT contractually requires all safety procedures and measures such as giving simple orientation of the Safety Program and enforcement procedures for all the labourers and others.




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