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08 Dec 2011
It is one of our top priorities. Safety is a very important aspect every where in our lives. This is where we can say that we're moving in the right direction.

This time, I am happy to announce that the injury rate have decreased to 17% compared to the previous years. And this is because of the continuous and non-stop monitoring of our Health and Safety Dept. together with the cooperation of our Project Managers and Project Engineers.

However, our aim is to completely eliminate the possible injuries and fatalities that may occur especially in our Project Sites that is why, we still need your full cooperation on this.

As the saying goes, “2 heads are better than one” We need your full assistance, teamwork and solidarity to be able to achieve this aim. And I believe that we can attain this if we will do it together.

I just want to imply also that Safety is not only about decreasing the injuries but also Safety contributes an important role for the finished product of a certain Project. We can say that a Finished Project is a good quality and in good standards if all the Safety Procedures are applied on it.

Tonight, we will be recognizing all the Employees who have done and performed their duties very well along with applying all the Safety Procedures in the Project Sites. I am very proud and happy that thru our continued trainings, seminars and reminders, our Employees have become very aware and learned how to put Safety in their priority.

Thank you and I want to inform you that by working together, we will continue to save lives and continue to produce a good quality service to our Clients.
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